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1. How long will it take to complete my custom order?

Custom orders usually take three weeks to complete after we have settled on all the design particulars and we have received the 50% deposit. Rush projects are possible too. Please inquire about that process. We will keep you updated on our progress with your piece, so you'll know when it will be ready.

2. Can we use my old gold jewelry to make a new item?

Most of the time, we cannot use gold that you bring us to make something new. All gold is alloyed with other metals (unless it is 24KT solid gold). It is impossible to know what percentages of other metal alloys were used. So, reusing your old gold might produce a metal with unknown impurities, rendering it unstable. Your new piece will be constructed with freshly refined gold (recycled and purchased as such.) However, if you have old gold, we can credit it toward your new piece.

3. Where do you get your gemstones and how do you know what to buy?

I have been a professional designer and buyer for over 2 decades and have developed reliable international gemstone connections. My graduate gemologist credentials plus immersion in the global marketplace allows me to evaluate stones prior to purchase and I pre-screen them for each individual project. I am a designer-member of the American Gem Trade Association, (AGTA) an alliance of dealers, designers, and manufacturers who adhere to strict gemstone disclosure guidelines.

4. How do I keep silver tarnish-free?

  • You can purchase anti-tarnish products from Tarni-Shield™ to keep in the bag with your silver jewelry. It inhibits dark oxidization which normally occurs on all silver items.
  • Second, if your piece has a satin finish on it, you can make a paste of baking soda and water and gently rub it all over the piece, being careful not to rub onto stones or pearls. Rinse thoroughly and dry the piece off immediately.
  • Third, you can purchase jewelry cloths that are embedded with a mild polishing rouge. They are great for cleaning off tarnish and you finish by lightly buffing with a clean, old tee shirt. Voila!