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Burmese Sapphires and Rubies

One of the benefits of online business is developing relationships with good people from all over the globe. This allows me to bring you the rare and formerly unobtainable except by developing discreet, potentially unfortunate connections in far-flung places. I’ve always studied gemology in order to serve my clients from a place of knowledge and now, I can use that knowledge to develop new connections with confidence.

As a lover of sapphire and ruby, I sell a lot of these stones to people interested in buying durability along with gorgeous color. The sapphires and rubies of Burma (Myanmar) are considered the finest in the world for pure color. For many years, our trade borders were closed due to the military “leadership” of this country. Those sanctions, lifted with the release from home confinement of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, allowed us to reconnect and import from Burma. The latest military coup has caused disruption once again and forced some of our miners and gem dealers there back into isolation.

For all of my life as a jeweler, I’ve focused on buying stones from ethical sources and have scoured the industry for those whose stones were mined responsibly and who paid a fair price at the local level. Much to my delight, I’ve formed a connection with a woman specializing in Burmese sapphires and rubies at very advantageous prices. I have been buying them straight from the miners and their local representatives so that all of the money from my purchases goes straight to the miners’ villages and families. It has been a blessing for all of us and I am more than glad to help them by buying their beautiful, rare stones. I don’t know how long that will continue, though, with the internet shut down created by their totalitarian government.

A little-known fact: the business side of the Burmese gem trade is primarily run by women. The men do the mining…

My Burmese connection reports “Banks have not been opened so no funds are able to go through. There's talk about stopping an outpour of money being withdrawn through the ATM as people are starting to panic.

The poor are being supported by the rich for the moment in Mogok. I was told that people that have are helping those that don't. And they were giving out water and food in the past few days. With no outside help it must be really worrying for so many of the people we know.
We're talking about what we can do in terms of helping. The biggest worry right now is the length of time it takes for services to resume as many of the bank staff are on strike. People are living day to day not knowing when everything is going to become peaceful again.” Something very important comes up again and again in our conversations.

The Burmese people themselves are incredibly kind, honest, and hardworking. I’ve been treated ethically and honestly and am very happy to create jewelry with such good vibes in it. Look for these stones to make their debut and do call if you want first pick. I’ve had a lot of interest and no stone is repeatable. In this world of mass merchandise, Burmese sapphires are all the more precious because they are rare, and each stone is a rich color unto itself.

Burma Round Blue Sapphire Burma Sapphire Burma Teal Sapphire Burma Sapphire