Creative Inspiration Is Closer Than You Think



18KT yellow gold locket with ruby clasp

So often, people ask me how I imagine and plan all the designs they are seeing in the showcase. Or,  when we discuss a custom project, clients love to hear the steady unrolling of possibilities as I reflect back to them what they are telling me they want. Sometimes, I have to refrain from presenting too many options because that can generate confusion, but many people enjoy the creative roll and find it satisfying to explore the best way to actuate their new piece.

These creative ideas are a conglomeration of jewelry seen in the mind's eye while I am doing the following things: watching the Lyric Opera of Chicago, cooking, walking in the city, staring at the ocean, napping, eating a sandwich, sitting at my bench, strolling around the Tucson gem shows, sleeping... You get the idea. Luckily for me, this business allows me to dwell on a creative plain, so ideas are always bubbling under the surface of my consciousness.   I thought Chuck Close, the well-known painter of portraits composed of tiny bits of painted mosaics which, when seen from a distance, become an entire face, says it best.

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