About Diana Widman: Elegance for Every Day



Diana lives in the world of colored gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals. She is committed to offering clients rare and one of a kind pieces.  Her training as a Graduate Gemologist  (Gemological Institute of America) coupled with her marketplace knowledge give her the expertise to acquire valuable gems bought at fair prices and to set them in meticulously crafted gold, silver, and platinum.

A designer for over 20 years, Diana has created hundreds of custom pieces, from new treasures celebrating special occasions (or for no reason at all) to renewed heirlooms that cannot or will not be worn in their current state.

As a metal smith, Diana understands the architecture of fine jewelry. This is crucial to designs with integrity and long-lasting structure. She is currently fabricating a new collection called “Pure” made of pure silver and 24KT gold with a proprietary texture. These pieces are limited edition and very popular.

Diana has also received her appraisal credentials from the Appraisers International Society. She is a gem and jewelry specialist who provides valuations, appraisals, and authentications for insurance, sales, and estates.

Diana’s work has been featured in many publications including Professional Jeweler, National Jeweler, American Style, Niche Magazine, Elle, Rappaport Magazine. Her work was also featured on Good Morning Tucson (ABC) and ABC 7 news in Chicago, on the IFashion network, in USE magazine (Milan), among others. Rachel Ray has worn Diana’s pieces on her morning talk show while interviewing Rod Stewart, Julianne Moore, and Queen Latifah.

Please call her at 312-346-2363 or email  diana@dianawidman.com

Diana’s Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/widmandesign/

Her Instagram account is @dianawidmanfinejewelry.



" Your pieces were featured in the catalog, along with those of many other jewelry designers. Your designs are modern, ‘minimalist,’ versatile, but also show a softness, something that can be defined as ‘womanly.’ Your jewelry is not only good design, but also enhances the woman who wears it, not just calling attention to itself (which, by the way, is well deserved.) I see that other designers also have a strong structural element, but your ‘metal as cloth’ or ‘metal as running water,’ folded metal, in addition has a movement to it, an organic flow that other designs lack. And because you are a woman, you innately appreciate what a piece of jewelry does for a woman’s looks when she wears it. "


Cheri Smith, Nashville, TN