About Diana Widman

Diana Widman of Diana Widman Design in Chicago and New York.

A former printmaker and bookbinder, Diana uses fold forming, raising, chasing, and other techniques as a vocabulary to transform precious metal into tactile pieces that engage the wearer with silky, subtle textures sprinkled with diamonds. Called Gold and Silver Linen™, this collection offers a range of styles that appeal to both tailored women and those who love art jewelry. A sprinkle of diamonds and gorgeous, colored gems make this group flexible and fun to wear from day into evening.

“Metropolitan,” Diana’s newest collection is based on architectural ornamentation and urban landscapes. Metropolitan joins classic motifs with contemporary desires for distinctive, large-scale, yet lightweight pieces. This collection is featured in gold, silver, and new, for Diana, cobalt steel (black) and cobalt chromium (white.) These newer metals allow a lower price point without sacrificing any of the beauty or durability that are so crucial to her philosophy.

Diana is a Colored Stone graduate of the Graduate Gemologist program at GIA and a metal smith. Diana’s work has been featured in many publications including Professional Jeweler, National Jeweler, American Style, Niche Magazine, Elle, Rapport Magazine, and Jewelers Circular Keystone Open to Buy,  an JCK Online.  Her work was also featured on Good Morning Tucson (ABC) and ABC 7 news in Chicago, on the IFashion network, in USE magazine (Milan), among others. Rachel Ray has worn Diana’s pieces on her morning talk show while interviewing Rod Stewart, Julianne Moore, and Queen Latifah.

 Every piece of her art jewelry comes with special care instructions: “Wear in good health!”

Diana Widman folding silver for her Linen Collection.Folded silver cuff by Diana Widman Design.Diana Widman folding silver for her Linen Collection.18KT yellow gold folded pendant with Burmese peridot by Diana Widman Design. One of a kind.

" Your pieces were featured in the catalog, along with those of many other jewelry designers. Your designs are modern, ‘minimalist,’ versatile, but also show a softness, something that can be defined as ‘womanly.’ Your jewelry is not only good design, but also enhances the woman who wears it, not just calling attention to itself (which, by the way, is well deserved.) I see that other designers also have a strong structural element, but your ‘metal as cloth’ or ‘metal as running water,’ folded metal, in addition has a movement to it, an organic flow that other designs lack. And because you are a woman, you innately appreciate what a piece of jewelry does for a woman’s looks when she wears it. "