Metropolitan Collection

Diana Widman's  Metropolitan Collection is based on architectural ornamentation and urban landscapes. Metropolitan unites classic motifs with contemporary desires for distinctive, large-scale, yet lightweight pieces. This collection is featured in gold, silver, and new, for Diana, cobalt steel (black) and cobalt chromium (silver.) “The use of steel in Metropolitan is a nod to the original architectural motifs that inspire this work,” she said. “The durability of steel also allows lacy, open patterns without sacrificing any of durability that is so crucial to my production philosophy,” she adds.

The geometric styles and forms in the Metropolitan Collection are a big departure for Diana, whose work until now has been very organic. “Ever since my childhood, I was always drawn to architecture and decorative building ornamentation from all periods of history,” she said. “I finally decided to take the risk and add work based on the love of pattern, scrollwork, and classic forms. I think artists evolve and it is important to reach for new concepts and grow through design and execution of technical challenges,” Diana said.