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Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Appraiser, Gemologist

Diana Widman’ s imagination is unleashed through her knowledge of the vast world of colored gemstones—she’s a graduate gemologist; her deep insight into what makes a stone valuable—she’s a jewelry appraiser, and her hands-on expertise as a metalsmith. All these traits meld effortlessly into producing exquisite original designer jewelry that could only come from Diana Widman. 

Diana is known for her ability to acquire rare colored stones. She specializes in sapphire, ruby, and garnet and her collection work speaks to daring combinations of color coupled with high-quality construction. Elegance for Every Day informs Diana’s work which translates into clients being able to wear their pieces all the time.  

Diana does custom redesign for heirloom, pieces and lots of diamond bridal jewelry. The world of gems is her toolbox and her knowledge of proper jewelry construction brings integrity to each piece. 

Because her designs speak to the chic aesthetic of modern collectors, you’ll find her work featured in publications like Professional Jeweler, National Jeweler, American Style, Niche Magazine, Elle, Rappaport Magazine. Good Morning Tucson (ABC), ABC 7 News Chicago, the IFashion Network, USE magazine Milan, and other media outlets have showcased her jewelry. Perhaps you’ve caught Rachel Ray wearing Diana’s jewelry on her talk show while interviewing Rod Stewart, Julianne Moore, and Queen Latifah. Find the piece that says you, or better yet, let Diana create something original just for you.

Diana Widman on Cadey Curated

Diana Widman sits down with her good friend Cadey to discuss her approach to design, her relationship to gemstones, and custom jewelry.