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Rare Burmese Sapphire Surrounded with Diamonds
Detail of filigree on the back side of the pendant

Classical Style with a Gemmy Point of View

Despite, or maybe because of Covid,  many customers  are asking for the beautiful stones we are known for but set in very simple, classic styles. In times of uncertainty and despair, we gravitate to things of value that will retain their appeal. Consequently, we’ve been making pieces like this  rare 4-carat Burmese cerulean blue sapphire surrounded with EF VS diamonds. This sapphire is the color of sky on a sunny day or the color of water in summer. The back of the pendant is filigreed so it, too, is worthy of holding this beautiful gem. This design is a classic treatment of a beautiful center stone and it’s beauty remains unquestioned over time.


We now have access to Burmese sapphires in many sizes and qualities because I’m lucky enough to have a direct source. Burma is known for its richly colored stones and famous the world over for the quality of its sapphires and rubies, and until recently, US jewelers were not allowed to import stones from Myanmar because of the political situation there.

Pink Ring

All of our stones are fair-mined, meaning the miners and their local agents retain the income from these sales. Here are photos of a stone in the hands of a Burmese gem mine representative.


Contact the studio and get your little piece of heaven.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shown below is a six carat oval Burmese cornflower blue stone that is available in my studio.

6 carat Burmese Cornflower Blue Sapphire