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Into the Jewelry Industry

Like so many jewelers, I came to this industry by sheer coincidence. I was one of those girls that loved jewelry of all kinds and adored “playing” with my mother’s jewelry. Each piece was tucked into a tiny bag, inviting the game of guessing its contents. I studied the patterns and textures of the stones and settings…the Italian coral pin with its laurel leaf frame, the domed opal, ring, her tiny, gold watch with the Florentine finish. I was hooked forever, starting my own “collection” from gifts and purchases that I made with allowance.

And yes, I did have a rock collection. Still do.

Fast forward to adulthood, when I decided to take some boring pearl studs that I never wore and design a setting. I found a manufacturer in New York through a friend. When I wore the pearl flowers, people kept asking me where I got them. Like a summer rainstorm, it began with a few drops…pearls in this case. Must have made ten pairs of pearl or gem flowers for people. Then came the requests for help with custom designs. My first one was a gorgeous, 4 -carat, cushion-shaped tanzanite.

Since I could draw and understand 3-D processes (thank you bookbinding!) I just did a blueprint and off we went. Before long, I had a collection of ten pieces. I smile when I think of my current collection, but that is what I could afford and it worked. There was no going back.