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Opal Sees the Light of Day: Renew, Redesign, Revive

Hello to all of you and happy summer. Here is another recent redesign project from a client who had never worn the original opal ring, which was gifted by a loving grandfather many years ago. She didn’t care for the filigree cocktail style that was popular in the ’60s-’70s and just kept it in her drawer. Sound familiar? She showed it to me one day while we were chatting and I urged her to think about resetting the beautiful white opal. It’s a large stone in perfect condition, even after all these years sitting in a bag. (Opals have been known to craze if left too long in a dry environment.)

We sized this ring for her middle finger since it is so large and, being a busy person, she wanted a simple bezel setting. This opal is NOT glued into the setting as many large cabochons are, but it is properly set in a lovely, rounded bezel. That is what fine jewelry work is all about.

This ring is out having new adventures now and enjoying the time to show off its many innate colors. What do you have hanging around?

Best wishes from the jewel box!