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Some of Your Favorite Things for 2022

The year-end is a time for reflection and perspective-taking for my personal life and my jewelry business. I’ve just finished my 23rd year in this amazing industry. I’m planning a retrospective of sorts but meanwhile, I wanted to share a few custom projects from 2022.

Some of Your Favorite things for 2022

These projects range from brand new creations using new stones to inherited diamond treasures. There are two photographs in this collage showing large, round, Old European cut diamonds. One of these diamonds was found in a crumpled tissue on her grandmother’s dresser top after she died.

Can you imagine? These diamonds are very rare because, although they are old, they are very white and very clean inside, which was uncommon when they were mined and cut in the late 1800’s- early 1900’s. Anyway, rescued from the crumbled tissue, they now reside on a very happy person.

The oval blue pendant framed by diamonds is a Burmese sapphire that is highly brilliant and an amazing combination of royal and peacock blue. This was a delayed birthday gift to self.

The deep green tourmaline cabochon wrapped in 18KT yellow gold and set onto one of my Pure silver bands is a surprise from a loving husband after he saw his wife’s delight over a ring I was wearing.

The multi-stone, rose gold pendant with the luminous pinkish pearl is the result of two years’ worth of design work and collecting stones. This client shares my love of colored gems and over the course of time, had bought all these stones when they appeared as lots I saw along the way. This necklace is made in sections that are flexible, so the whole thing will gently move with her.

The ruby necklace was made for a client who lost the one she bought from me many years ago. We had a lot of fun discussing the new design and I know it is living its best life on an appreciative person.

There are many more that I haven’t shown here. Thank you all so much for allowing me to create enduring pieces on your behalf. I appreciate it more than you know. It is a privilege.

Wishing you all health and serenity, now and in the year to come.