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Thank You for a Wonderful Show

Two weeks ago, we did our annual show at Port Clinton in Highland Park, IL. It was such fun to see so many of you and reunite after three years away. It was also very gratifying to see the citizens of Highland Park come to the town center and support the artists who have traveled long distances to show their beautiful creations. It means everything and allows us to continue doing what we love.

To my existing clients: thank you so much for being collectors. We share so many special occasions and stories and it is an honor to be your jeweler. We’ve renovated and redesigned your heirloom pieces, put old stones into completely new settings, and shared memories of your beloved family members. I hope you continue to share your journey with me.

To my new clients: I thank you for your new purchases and hope you will remember me when you need something special or just because… I do get phone calls asking if you can come over to get some earrings because you just feel like it. As a spontaneous person myself, I love it. Let’s build on our initial contact and create heirloom jewelry for you to wear with everything.
“Elegance for Every Day.”

Whether old clients or new, you are why I love my work.

With gratitude and wishes for good health…