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The Big Blue Marble and Ocean Gems

Earth has many nicknames… Mother Earth, Gaia, Pacha Mama, and “Big Blue Marble,” my personal favorite. Big Blue Marble celebrates the view from space (which sounds fun to me) while
toasting the crystalline blue ocean which covers 71% of our planet.

The Big Blue Marble creates some big (and small) blue, green, silver, black, rose, white, and golden pearls which often overlap in color. This creates never ending variety which was evident this week in my first trip to Tahiti to buy them. Choices are hard.

Although most if not all pearls used in jewelry are cultured, each one is a fine balance between human ability to help Nature along and the ocean’s blessings of mineral content for color, oysters, and tides.

When you shop at a pearl farm, you feel the contrast between the labor of farming and the resultant beauty of the harvest. A pearl farmer must be patient. A pearl farmer washes his oysters. A pearl farmer uses simple tools and nimble fingers. A pearl farmer knows the value of their harvest. A pearl farmer is happy to tell an appreciative audience.

When you first see a pearl, you turn it slowly, and savor its main hue and subtle overtones. The nuance of color draws you in and tells a story. Even if a pearl is one color, its movement through light allows subtle tones to emerge. Pearls are entrancing and enticing.

Please call or text me at 312-346-2363 for a first viewing. There are some delicious, singular treasures.