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World of Color: Green… Color of Growth and Envy

Green is one of my favorite colors.  Spring green lights up the world after a long dark winter. Spruce green, a grayish-bluish-green, is soft on the senses and quietly elegant. Emerald green, rich and focused, satisfies a gazing gem geek. If you’ve been a long-time reader of this journal, you know that I always marvel at nature’s provision of color in all her creations: green water, green gems, green plants and trees…   I’ve been working with watery and rich blues and greens for a long time as these hues occur most amiably in Montana sapphires and “parti-colored” sapphires shown here. A fine peridot has no equal for its grassy green hue.

MultiSappLine EarringGreen sapphire ring
The Romans believed green to be restful to the eyes. They pulverized emeralds (ouch!) and used the dust as eye balm. It is said that Emperor Nero was besotted with emeralds and had a vast collection. He even used the larger ones as a prototype of “sunglasses” saying they made it easier for him to see the gladiators in the blinding sun over the Circus Maximus.

Shakespeare gave us “green-eyed jealousy,” in” The Merchant of Venice” and a “green-eyed monster” in “Othello.”

Don’t forget the Wizard’s Emerald City-- a place of dreams and possibility.

In the metaphysical world, green is associated with growth, renewal, and rebirth.

Best regards from the studio and think green thoughts!