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Multicolor Sapphire Ring in 18kt White Gold with Diamonds

Once upon a time…

At a gem show in Chicago, I was surrounded by temptation in the form of rubies, zircons, sapphires, and garnets, not to mention South Sea and Tahitian pearls.

I ambled over to one of my favorite gem dealers and the center stone for this ring (a 2 carat , color-shift sapphire) was in the case, minding her own business and just looking bright but subtle. I asked to see her. While I was admiring the stone and chatting with the dealer, someone else came up to the booth. She, too, was browsing, and, like me, waiting for creativity to strike. I gave the stone back to the dealer and continued my wandering.

Sometime later, I wandered back to the booth and so did the other customer. I arrived a second before her and asked to see the sapphire again. It had been haunting me. Her body language told me that she was hovering, waiting for me to decide whether or not to buy it. Once I realized that, I decided to buy it because I knew I would be sorry if I didn't.

I call this piece "Ring of Joy" because the sapphire just makes me really happy. The frame of the ring is set with other multi-colored sapphires and crisp, white diamonds. It's a one of a kind.

One of a kind sapphire ring with a natural, unheated, 2.75 carat, color-change sapphire center stone surrounded by multicolor sapphires that highlight the many hues found in this stone. This ring radiates joy, and there's only one. Set in 18kt white gold.


"Ring of Joy"